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There is a pleasant arithmetic symmetry to the fact the NFL’s 100th season will conclude with either a team ending a 50-year wait for a Super Bowl title, or one hoisting the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in a quarter of a century.

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Miami’s streets are ringing With discussion of $5,000 tickets, hoopla around possibly the best player in the game today and now being at the sights of over 150m folks worldwide. And of course say j-lo and Shakira – yep, it’s Super Bowl time!

But who’s playing with, who’re the favorites and where would the game be lost and won?

Ensure you join BBC Sport on Sunday night and adhere to the fun…

Who is enjoying with?
In The reddish corner would be the San Francisco 49ers, who won 5 Super Bowls in 1-3 years round the 1980s and 90s. Think Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and Steve Young. Since subsequently – a long wait.

It has 25 years since Their past Super Bowl triumph, coincidentally in an identical arena in Miami, together with their last appearance by the end of period party end in stimulating defeat as a result of their Baltimore Ravens seven decades in the past.

In The err, additionally red corner, are the Kansas City Chiefs, that create the Niners’ wait for glory appear like a blip. (Both sides normally wear red however because the designated’house’ workforce in Miami, it is the the Chiefs that will be inside their normal colors, which means that the 49ers will have to don white.)

It is 50 years since the Chiefs’ sole Super-bowl Their fans and win possess Miami in numbers. Are they observing come though? It’s a challenging game this specific year to predict.

The QBS – Mahomes v Garoppolo
It’s reductive to deliver down the Super Bowl to The 2 quarterbacks but the actuality remains they are the players around the evening . From your previous 5-3 events, a quarterback has been named super bowl MVP on 29 instances after all.

At Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs may have the very best QB in the business. Previous year all-around MVP Was in form , slinging no-look passes and producing plays with his left hand – and also his feet. Have a look at his super touch-down from the playoff win towards Tennessee.

Mahomes Is still only 24 – he’ll be the QB to begin a Super Bowl, also would be the second-youngest to win it – and his 87 touchdown passes therefore much will be the maximum for just about any player within their initial 35 games. His football foundation makes him intriguing and unorthodox to see.

“His performances are no surprise,” large receiver Tyreek Hill reported this week.

“I Watched it in training camp, he made some throws that were crazy. In the newcomer guys are happy to be there, not him.

“He also ‘d the state of mind attitude, he was not scared to produce a toss. To be part of this offense is a blessing for me, my job will be easy. I simply go around and rush and the MVP QB finds me”

Colin Kaepernick was last period the Super Bowl was attained by that the 49ers however this season that their hopes are immobilized main character looks – Jimmy Garoppolo.

Anticipate a really Different strategy from Mahomes even however – while the Chiefs’ play maker throws the ball all avenues, Jimmy G tried only eight passes from the 37-20 win over the Green Bay Packers from the NFC Championship match, the fewest in a post-season game as Miami Dolphin Earl Morrell at superbowl VI (6 ).

The Niners along with garoppolo could rely on Game running, if needs be, however, the quarterback is capable of carrying the ball within his hands.

“I’m still progressing, however learning and growing like a quarterback,” he said.

“There Is a long way to go, I’m simply starting. I was figuring out just how to conduct again [after having a knee injury sustained versus the Chiefs], it gets you understand exactly how specific this instant is. You don’t know whether you’re ever going to be back again.”

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Legacy or mythical? The trainers
The Comparison between the franchises extends into the males underneath the headset – Andy Reid coachs the Chiefs.

He coached that the Eagles when They can grow to be the man with no triumph to coach a number of Super Bowls and lost in 2004. A lot of the media chatter close to him this week has been about the’lword’ – legacy.

In another Corner is just a person who knows all about that – Kyle Shanahan is just 40.

They might Develop into the Very First father and son duo To acquire a superbowl, appear – Kyle was a ball-boy when the 49ers won the trophy, and it has grown up around the video game’s showpiece event.

“that I Always understand how big a deal this really is to get right here,” he said. “You understand just how big a deal this really is all around the world, it has always been my favourite period of this season.

“I’d like to try and take a week off school, my parents wouldn’t let me mentally I did.”

Cut, reduce, cut – from rejection to redemption?
The ball hauled from the Packers whenever they reserved their place – they did not have to.

Raheem Mostert, a managing back on his NFL workforce in only five years, rampaged through the Packers, scoring four touchdowns and rushing for 220 yards, the second-most ever in an NFL post-season match.

The Keen artisans, born from the shark-bite funding of the world just 260 miles north of Miami, is a certain character. He worked nighttime shifts right after failing to create the caliber and carries a list of the six teams who reduce him to every match for inspiration – .

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the darkness of death, I will fear no evil: for God is with me.

“I Honestly thought in the beginning of season I’d seize my moments to help the team triumph, ” I was not hoping this break out season,” he explained.

“There are no’me’ men on this group. We are really like a locomotive, we all act as one. You could observe which can come Sunday.”

Mostert Will have his grandfather into attendance his main enthusiast who was able to record most his games on VCR but will upgrade into an electronic virtual backup because of his grandson’s Super Bowl show, Sunday.

Mostert became the very first player in NFL history to get 200+ rush yards and 4+ rush touchdowns at a Play off Sport
‘You Need to Have a psychological equilibrium’
Anywhere You appear on Sunday there are really still weapons. Mostert is still 1 person to see, the Chiefs have celebrity wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who’s so rapid he wishes to conduct at the Olympics, while tight finishes Travis Kelce along with George Kittle along with also Chiefs’ running back Damien Williams could prove to be match winners. Not to even mention around the stars on both sides.

And it could come down to a single kick.

Robbie Gould is your kicker for the 49ers, as part as it could capture in a team game but supported by 18 family unit members in Miami. Skip a couple and also you lose the own job. Merge the points on Sunday and you’re a hero.

“I played with football in centre midfield and didn’t begin Playing NFL until my sophomore year in senior school – now I am in the Super Bowl,” he said.

“It is hard, there are only 32 places from the For a kicker, you have to have some stability that is psychological and perhaps not feel the following kick could possibly be the end of one’s career.

“rely on your training, go outside and have fun and also be more convinced.”

Gould told me didn’t care when he kicked off the winning points or if the Niners won by 30 points because they won.

I Didn’t consider . But someone will probably be the hero at play’s ending Deep to the smaller hours of Monday morning, UK time. Make sure you Watch.

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